Evolution duster
Evolution duster

Evolution duster


Duster for crop treatment by means of powders

The machine consists of the EVOLUTION vineyard duster mounted on a MANTIS distribution bar. In this way, powders such as sulfur, lime, copper oxide and bentonite can be used in open fields in the cultivation of tomatoes, wheat, peppers, melons, courgettes, etc. This machine, in fact, is able to remove pests, prevent molds, fungi and diseases in a completely biological way with the absence of liquids and with a high working speed of about 10 hectares / hour. It can replace up to 80% of water treatments, has the possibility of distributing geodisinfestants and granular fertilizers, and finally of separating the central duster and using it in vineyards, olive groves and orchards.


The machine consists of the EVOLUTION vineyard duster and a MANTIS distribution bar. The duster was designed with a rotating hopper that allows you to mix various types of powders such as sulfur, hydrated lime, bentonite and copper formulations, thus obtaining a perfectly homogeneous and constant distribution over time. The pneumatic distribution system is composed of a powerful hydraulically operated fan and two ejectors that collect the dust which is subsequently branched into the pipes, each of which ends with an outflow nozzle.

The bar is formed by a central frame on which the duster rests to which the two wings are attached which in turn are composed of three segments that close like an accordion upwards thanks to a solid cylinder on each side and lever systems . The machine is also equipped with a tilting system that can be released hydraulically, allowing automatic leveling of the bar. It is also equipped with two shock absorbing cylinders that allow you to swing the two wings by raising the tip to overcome some obstacles. The machine, brought in three points to the tractor, is moved in its functions with quick couplings to the tractor or with an electro-hydraulic distributor with remote control placed on the console of the same. On the sides of the duster there are two flow dividers that divide the jet into ten smaller ducts, each ending with a diffuser. The flow dividers have been suitably studied in order to obtain a perfectly uniform distribution.

Evolution Duster

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